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SR&ED, pronounced "SHRED," is more than a tax incentive program; it's a pathway to innovation. At Bloom, we embody the wisdom to help you navigate the complexities of SR&ED, ensuring your efforts lead to tangible results.

As defined by CRA, this means there is a systematic investigation or search that is carried out in a field of science or technology by means of experiment or analysis and that is:

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Basic Research

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Applied Research


Experimental Development



Our Approach

At Bloom, we approach SR&ED from a scientific approach, our curious team of scientists will work to qualify your projects as eligible for SR&ED. We then move to understand the specific's of the work you did throughout the year and quantify the eligible SR&ED work and expenditures. We work with one-person organizations through to multinational organizations striving to make a difference in their varied fields.

Our team works hard to understand your research project and craft a compelling narrative for CRA.

What do I need to qualify?


SR&ED is not only for the science buffs. You can claim SR&ED for many different research and development costs.


SR&ED-eligible expenses that can be claimed are typically SR&ED wages, contractors and materials that are consumed or transformed within the research.


Provinces in Canada have different local tax credits that can be utilized in coordination with SR&ED at the federal level. This can lead to up to 60% of your research costs being refunded back to your company at the end of each fiscal year.


Time and evidence tracking could make or break your claim, while it isn’t typically a top priority for any regular business owner, the CRA looks for activity-based time-tracking methods.

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