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Our Team


Colúm Connolly

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Pioneering Innovation and Scientific Excellence

As a recent addition to the dynamic landscape of Atlantic Canada, Dr. Colúm Connolly is dedicated to fostering innovation within the region. With a solid foundation in science and a deep understanding of Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED), Colúm's journey began after he moved to Canada following his undergraduate studies in Genetics and Cell Biology at Dublin City University. Furthering his exploration of medical genetics during his doctoral studies at the University of British Columbia (UBC), Colúm focused on understanding neuroinflammation in mouse models of Huntington's Disease. After completing his thesis, Colúm set out to support innovators through the SR&ED process, collaborating with a consultancy firm in British Columbia. However, he was drawn to Atlantic Canada's thriving startup community, leading him to relocate to New Brunswick in 2016. In Fredericton's vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem, Colúm utilized his expertise to assist Atlantic Canadian companies and startups in navigating the complexities of the SR&ED process. With a track record of over 400 successful SR&ED claims, Colúm is dedicated to driving innovation and creating real impact across Atlantic Canada. Apart from his work in research and development, Colúm enjoys exploring the natural beauty of Atlantic Canada with his family and beloved canine companion, George. Colum strives to become a significant contributor to the region's innovation journey, serving as a source of guidance and inspiration, and ultimately influencing the future of Atlantic Canada's innovation landscape.


Elizabeth Murphy

Co-Founder and Co-CEO

Fostering Vibrant Communities and Organizational Success

Elizabeth Murphy is a dedicated community builder with a passion for building collaborative, mutually beneficial partnerships. With a wealth of experience in various facets of "people work," including fundraising, communications, and recruitment across New Brunswick and British Columbia, Elizabeth brings a unique blend of skills and insights to her endeavours. Elizabeth holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a double major in political science and communications from St. Thomas University. During her time at STU, Elizabeth held a seat on the University’s Board of Governors, and served as President of the student government. These experiences honed her skills in strategic decision-making and consensus-building and bolstered her drive to make change in community. As a proud New Brunswicker, Elizabeth loves helping businesses and nonprofits in the region to reach their innovative goals by diversifying revenue streams, securing funding and facilitating philanthropic partnerships. Elizabeth's dedication and friendly demeanour make her a trusted ally for organizations seeking to thrive in today's dynamic landscape. Elizabeth’s commitment to building vibrant communities extends far beyond professional realms, reflecting her genuine passion for creating lasting impact and meaningful connections wherever she goes. Outside the office, you can find Elizabeth kicking a soccer ball with her kids and dog in the backyard.


Ryan Dean

Senior Technical Specialist

Cultivating Growth Through Scientific Expertise

Ryan Dean, recognized as a creative scientist, wields his wealth of expertise to cultivate innovation and drive progress. Having earned his undergraduate degree in Medicinal Chemistry and a Master's of Science in Organic Chemistry from the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton, Ryan's academic journey laid the groundwork for his profound understanding of scientific principles. Throughout his graduate studies, his research delved into synthesizing novel fluorescent organic-boron complexes, focusing on exploring their physical and optical properties and medicinal applications. Post-graduation, Ryan ventured into analytical services for cannabis products and engaged in synthetic research toward the development of pharmaceutical precursors. Excited to channel his scientific insight into fostering growth and innovation within Atlantic Canada, Ryan joins Bloom with a commitment to empowering local businesses to thrive. His diverse background and multidisciplinary approach position him as a catalyst for transformative change in the region. Beyond his professional endeavours, Ryan's passion for exploration extends to rock climbing, bouldering, hiking, and golfing.

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Maria Murphy

VP Development and Social Sustainability

Empowering Impact Through Strategic Leadership

Dr. Maria Murphy is a bold strategist and relationship builder who champions causes that pave the way for a more inclusive and sustainable future. With a distinguished career marked by a proven track record of securing funding for cutting-edge & community-engaged research spanning diverse disciplines including law, medicine, social sciences, public policy, and the humanities, Maria drives inclusive growth. Having recently returned to the Maritimes after 12 years in the U.S., Maria is eager to lend her talents to effect meaningful change in various institutional, private, and public settings to support organizations as they grow, innovate, and serve their communities. Her impactful contributions as the Associate Director at the Center for Research in Feminist, Queer, and Transgender Studies at the University of Pennsylvania speak volumes, with Maria successfully increasing grant funding for the center by 10% annually while also enacting strategic plans for programming & funding infrastructure with community input. Maria's ability to integrate principles of inclusion, diversity, equity, and access into organizational frameworks sets her apart as a visionary leader committed to creating environments that foster collaboration and belonging. Whether through public speaking engagements, performance, podcasting, dynamic reporting, or other innovative media, Maria excels at distilling complex concepts for non-expert audiences, ensuring that her insights resonate widely and drive meaningful change.

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