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NuMetric is a groundbreaking tool designed to revolutionize how businesses measure their social & environmental impact. With NuMetric, we provide a comprehensive assessment of product/service quality, operations, employee well-being, environmental responsibility, and community involvement.


Ultimately, NuMetric provides businesses with the necessary insight, measurable indicators, and critical path forward to meaningfully effect change at the intersection of profit and purpose.


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Bloom’s NuMetric process offers insights and guidance to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) seeking to navigate the complexities of social and environmental sustainability. The scope of work includes:

01. NuMetric Audit

By assessing organizational mission & vision, we analyze the efficacy of current initiatives and policies to identify challenges and determine targets for social responsibility.

02. Analysis and Recommendations

After conducting an analysis of the NuMetric results, we provide feasible, actionable recommendations and tailored strategies for improving the environmental and social footprint of each SME.

03. Critical Path

We provide hands-on support, liaising with stakeholders and team members to ensure benchmarks are met and outcomes are achieved.

Through NuMetric, Bloom inspires SMEs to explore new horizons and pioneer bold solutions to environmental and social challenges, fostering creativity and ingenuity along the way.
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