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In 2013, Phillip Curley embarked on a journey to revolutionize downtown experiences with the founding of HotSpot. Understanding that downtown visits encompass more than just parking, Phillip envisioned a technology-driven solution to streamline parking and enhance urban enjoyment. HotSpot's mission was clear: to make parking effortless, encouraging patrons to frequent downtown establishments and prolong their stay.

Based in Fredericton, HotSpot swiftly gained traction as a startup technology company, offering users a convenient platform to pay for parking via mobile devices. Their innovative approach allowed individuals to seamlessly manage parking transactions without disrupting their activities, fostering a more seamless urban experience. Moreover, merchants could effortlessly facilitate parking payments for customers, eliminating the need for inconvenient interruptions.

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Through strategic collaboration and unwavering support, Bloom guided HotSpot Parking in navigating the complexities of the SR&ED process with confidence. By fostering strong relationships and delivering tailored solutions, Bloom successfully facilitated SR&ED tax refunds for HotSpot across multiple fiscal years, alleviating their SR&ED stress and enabling them to focus on driving forward with their innovative initiatives.


At Bloom, we take pride in empowering visionary companies like HotSpot Parking to thrive and innovate, paving the way for a brighter and more dynamic urban landscape.

What initially began as a pay-by-phone parking app evolved into a comprehensive urban mobility solution, catering to diverse transportation needs within the city. Despite facing challenges with a previous SR&ED consultant in 2018, HotSpot remained determined to leverage the SR&ED program effectively. Entrusting their vision to Bloom, Phillip and his team sought to revamp their R&D approach to maximize eligible claims and capture the full extent of their innovative endeavors.

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