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The Black Arcs

Pioneering Innovation with Insight and Vision

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Founded in 2015 by tech luminary and engineering PhD Jake Arsenault, the Black Arcs emerged as a trailblazing force in the realm of predictive analytics. With a mission to democratize systems thinking, Jake envisioned a future where civic issues are illuminated through engaging data visualization. At the heart of the Black Arcs' ethos lies a commitment to fostering widespread access to meaningful predictive analytics, transcending the boundaries between professional analysis and entertainment.

Black Arcs' cutting-edge technology empowers users to not only visualize possibilities but also embark on virtual journeys to explore how decisions shape our cities. Their platform serves as a catalyst for innovation, encouraging collaboration with researchers and domain experts to tackle key objectives. With a dedicated core team driving forward ambitious projects, Black Arcs leverages the expertise of academics and vendors to push the boundaries of possibility.

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Through visionary leadership and strategic collaboration, the Black Arcs continue to chart new frontiers in predictive analytics, illuminating pathways towards a more informed and interconnected future. At Bloom, we take pride in supporting visionary ventures like the Black Arcs as they pave the way for transformative change and enduring impact.

In January 2020, Luke Robertson, Director of Operations, and Dane Sheppard, Director of Technology, convened with Bloom to delve into the intricacies of the Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&ED) program. Recognizing the potential of SR&ED to fuel their innovative endeavors, Bloom provided invaluable guidance, assisting the Black Arcs in aligning their research projects with CRA requirements and framing their future innovations for optimal impact.

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